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Let's Talk About Plants

Once upon a time, there was a house with hundreds of plants.  Pothos trailed off the bookshelves.  The washroom resembled a jungle.  Every windowsill was home to a collection of pots.  Bonsai trees decorated the deck and a shady path along the side of the house.  New plants were constantly being propagated by leaf and stem cuttings, nodes, and air layering.  While time no longer permits us to produce such large quantities of plants, we still enjoy bringing you quality plants for every home and occasion.     

Bonsai tree collection arranged on shelving in room corner
A large collection of various houseplants crowded in a small room

Now you may say, ''But I don't have a green thumb, I kill every plant!''

But I say, ''You just haven't found the right plant for your environment and lifestyle''.  That's right, I believe there IS a plant for you.  

Do you realize the most common cause of plant deaths is caring too much?  Overwatering is a big issue.  There are very few plants that like to have wet feet all the time.  Let those roots breathe!  A high quality, well-draining soil is imperative to success with most plants as well.

Did you know that keeping houseplants also comes with health benefits?  Some of these include better air quality due to air purification and oxygen production, reduced psychological and physiological stress and improved sense of well-being.  Plants not only make a great addition to the home but to the office as well!

All mixed planters will incorporate plants with similar lighting and care needs in a basket or wooden box depending on availability and price point.  We cannot guarantee that every plant used will be pet-safe.

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