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''Every sunrise begins with new eyes''

It has been busy over here completing my little studio and filling it with all of the odds and ends that come with working with florals. It's a lot of fun collecting and organizing, cleaning and disinfecting, arranging and rearranging. My space is small and functional but most importantly, it's mine. I'm so excited to start for Mother's Day weekend. My very first order was for a pin-on corsage! A lot of florists don't like making corsages and boutonnieres but I love making them. The work is tedious but it's such a great opportunity to flex my creative muscles. I absolutely can't wait for prom season. I have such fun ideas and I hope the local kids are open to embrace them!
On another note, you may have seen the new products in my shop. I brought in some fabulous chocolate and candles and shortly will be receiving some beautiful handmade greeting cards. There is SO MUCH that I would love to carry and it was super difficult choosing just a few things to start with.
I leave you with this big 'ole sunflower that I grew last summer from one tiny seed. May my little flower shop grow just as quickly with roots as firm and flourish in the sun.

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