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Post-Mother's Day Musings

This year's Mother's Day was an interesting one. I've heard from all kinds of florists that it was a super slow one. My theory is that it was our early spring. The garden centres were hopping! I think a lot of mamas received their flowers with roots this year.

I consider our mother's day pretty successful this year considering this is a brand-spanking-new business. Most people still don't know that I exist but we're working on it. I truly appreciate my friends who are sharing and caring and sharing some more.

The standout this year was making a pin-on corsage for an older lady (I believe the sender said 92). She receives a corsage every year for Mother's Day. Delivering this corsage turned out to be quite the visit. I enjoyed chatting with her and pinning on her corsage. As I told her daughter, I would deliver flowers to this lady everyday if I could. It would seem she always refers to her kids as roses in her garden, as I learned when her daughter sent me the most wonderful photo of this lady wearing her corsage and smiling away. I truly wish I could share it with the world. Instead you get a photo of a headless me wearing it.

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